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Phone numbers in over 90 countries and 6500 cities.

Virtual phone numbers give your business a local presence in another country

Virtual numbers for sms

Get sms number from us to receive and forward sms to your mobile or email. It will be useful for those who has a business abroad , and want to meet corporate privacy policy and keep personal data. More...


Toll-free numbers

Is a telephone number that is free to call to for all your clients. Show your clients that you care about them, get a toll-free number and all your clients will call you for free. More...


Virtual numbers

Virtual number is a number which work based on the forwarding solutions. You can manage forwarding to any other mobile , landline , skype or sip number. More...


Virtual PBX ( virtual office)

Virtual PBX is an additional service pack that you can add to your virtual number that will make it look and sound and even feel like a real office. More...


Virtual sim service

Freeje Virtual SIM is revolutionary service that gives you an opportunity to virtualize your GSM SIM-card and reduce costs for roaming. No matter what country you are going to visit. The price for all your calls will be the same as you used to paying in your home-city. More...


Freeje (mobile application)

Freeje is our new mobile application which will allow you to get virtual numbers, receive and make calls , manage forwarding and use all your virtual numbers. More...










Virtual phone numbers give your business a local presence in another country

Stay in touch with your friends or your customers for a cheapest price. offers virtual local phone numbers from all over the world so your international customers can contact you for the price of a local call. For example, a person residing in Paris, France can choose a virtual local phone number in Lisbon, Portugal. His customers in Lisbon will be able to call a local number for local price and will be redirected to Paris.


Stay connected with your partners and customers anywhere you have a business - Buy online virtual local phone number in over 90 countries and setup the call forwarding to your existing numbers (Landline/Mobile) or for FREE to SIP and Skype. See details and the full list of available countries for a virtual local phone number can set up call redirection to VoIP. VoIP Phone is very popular now. You can not only receive calls but also make calls. Please note that when you are calling to a person from your SIP provider the person you are calling to will not be able to see your virtual local phone number. Call forwarding to Skype is also free. So why not to buy a virtual local number and set it up with to receive phone calls all over the world to your IP telephone of Skype for free? Stay in touch with the world.

Buy virtual local phone numbers - DID numbers - VOIP numbers, Toll free 800 numbers, Virtual Fax numbers , Virtual SMS numbers or multi channel virtual phone numbers worldwide with cheap international calls forwarding, FREE to SIP and Skype.


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