Nigerian virtual phone number in Nigeria - Lagos (+ 23)

You can buy Nigeria virtual phone number from and have it forwarded to any destination, When you buy Nigeria virtual phone number with call forwarding to Landline, mobile, voicemail Skype or SIP (SIP trunk) your customers can call you anywhere you are.Buy Nigeria virtual phone number HERE
Availability of the Nigerian virtual local numbers is what differs us from the other providers.

Nigerian virtual local phone numbers (DID numbers)

Nigeria,as one of the most developed African countries, has a lot of business opportunities.There are many western companies have moved to Nigeria in search for a new market. English speaking population and long term relations with Great Britain maid Nigeria an attractive place for business in Africa. Nigerian virtual phone numbers  were in a rising demand as of late. Government monopoly and limited availability made Nigerian virtual numbers one of the most wanted in Africa. Our company continues to provide its own clients with Nigerian virtual numbers.It is doing it thank to the long-term connections with did’s dealers.Recently we have established a relationship with one of the local virtual local number dealers and can provide a continues supply of Nigerian virtual numbers. Despite a little pricey structure, the steady availability makes a difference..

Buy Nigeria virtual phone number

Cost of Virtual local numbers in Nigeria

Setup fee : $50
Monthly fee : $30

* Free call forwarding to Skype/SIP
* Cheap international call rates (Low Cost International Calls) Call Forwarding Charges.

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