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UK has been one of the most wanted places for business in Europe. The richest people from all over the world have purchased real estate in London. London along with New York and Tokyo is considered to be financial center of the world. To have a business in London or any other UK city is not only prestigious but also very profitable. If you wanted  just to try customers response to you product or services in UK with a very little cost associated with it- buy UK virtual phone number

Get United kingdom virtual phone number in UK

You will not have to pay high rent or hire personal. When you buy UK virtual phone number, it will take care of everything.You can transfer all the incoming calls to the place of your location,which would allow you to manage the entire business from wherever you were.You can add to UK virtual phone number a virtual sms number-to receive all kind of inquiries. These sms will be transferred to your email and will be easily accessible to you.
You can buy UK virtual phone number and virtual sms number for $7 a month from our company and have a business presence at one of the most prestigious city’s of the world.

Buy Online a UK virtual phone number to receive calls and text-SMS

Cost of UK Virtual phone numbers in UK without SMS :

Setup fee : $5
Monthly fee : $5

Cost of UK Virtual phone numbers in UK with SMS:

Setup fee : $10
Monthly fee : $7

* Free call forwarding to Skype/SIP
* Cheap international call rates (Low Cost International Calls)

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