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Get Virtual Local phone numbers (DID Numbers or VOIP Numbers)

Virtual local phone number (DID Numbers) is a geographical national or city phone number which can have 1 or more channels.

All incoming calls will be redirected to any land-line or mobile phone number, SIP or Skype, assigned by the client.

It is also used to forward calls temporary to the place you are located during your holidays, business trip or weekends without paying for expensive international roaming.

In other words, having bought the number of New York you can forward and receive calls in your offices in Kiev, Moscow, London etc. without paying for the expensive international calls and the caller will be sure he is calling in New York.

Get Virtual SMS phone numbers - SMS to email or mobile.

Using SMS virtual number you will be able to receive SMS messages to your e-mail or mobile number anywhere in the world. Telnum.net provides SMS numbers in Canada, USA, UK and Ukraine! SMS number is represented in the code of one of the mobile operators and is provided as the separate service.

Get Virtual Toll-Free(800) phone numbers.

DID virtual 800 numbers, also known as Freecall, Freephone, 800, 0800 or 1-800 numbers are the numbers which are free for the callers. So the callers can call them despite of the absence of money on the balance. The called party (the Toll-Free subscriber) is charged for the calls.

Stop losing clients! Let them call you for free and anytime!

Tool-free numbers allow the potential clients to contact businesses. Toll-free numbers are time tested and they have proven they are successful for business and for attracting new clients. Our web site offers you the following Toll-free numbers: 800 (Brazil), 80 (Great Britain), 1-800 (Canada), 888, 866, 800 and 855 for USA.

There is no better way to connect with your callers that Toll-free number! Adding a toll free number to your business lets your customers call you without paying long distance.

Once your potential clients see Free international number they will be more enthusiastic to contact you and to inquire about your business. When people see that you take carry of them while they are not your customers yet, they will understand that they deal with the serious company.

Let your business grow fast! Connect it to the Toll-free number!

It is very easy to setup the virtual phone number!

All you need to do is:

  • - to register at our web site;
  • - to click on “Buy number”;
  • - choose the type of the number(Local phone number, SMS local number or Toll-Free number);
  • - choose the country you need the number from;
  • - choose the city of the number;
  • - choose the redirection type(phone, SIP or Skype);
  • - click “Continue” button;
  • - enter the “Airtime” amount-it is the additional sum which will be added to your account funds to pay for the call forwarding and other additional services;
  • - then please click “Show payment methods” and choose the one you need to use and click “Continue”;
  • - you will be redirected to the payment server where you will need to enter your personal information for the payment to be made;

Please note that some numbers require the address approval to be activated successfully. You will need to send scan of the required documents to our e-mail which can be obtained from “Contacts” section at our web site.

Some numbers may take up to 24 hours after the payment has gone through to be activated and some of them will be activated instantly.

Please be advised contact our Support Team to specify when the number will be activated.

How to buy a virtual phone number.

Although we made a procedure of buying virtual phone number pretty much self explanatory, many clients still have difficulties registering and paying for our services.Many questions are answered at FAQ section of our site,but I will still go over some of the important steps.

  1. The first thing is registration (Sign up). You have to fill out all the requested information,including e-mail,telephone number,address and so on. Upon completion you will get a password to the email address you provided. Using your email and password you can log on into your account (Sign in).
  2. The next  step is putting money into your account.You can do it in many ways (credit cards,liberty reserve,ucash,bank transfer,and many other forms of electronic payments). Once you done with that
  3. The final step is choosing and purchasing the virtual number.

Our company waits for your payment to be available(you can see it on your account). Some payments are available the same day,for some it may take up to couple of days.
Once the money are on your account,you will get notification and can start using yor number.
You can choose routing (Call forwarding) to your skype/SIP(free),VoiP, mobile or landline phone(see rates here). All the options besides VoiP can be easily done by yourself. For VoiP send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our tech specialist will set it up for you.
Good luck to you with your purchase.

* Some countries require proof of identity.Make sure you contact you sales representative about that, and if necessary send a scanned copy of your passport to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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