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Call Forward transfers calls from your virtual phone number to a number you choose, be it your mobile, answering service ,hand line phone ,Skype(free) or SIP phone(free) . Call Forward is available to any phone number in any country Telnum.net offers forwarding of your calls to landline and cell phones, SIP and Skype. Forwarding to SIP and Skype is free. It's included to monthly fee. Forwarding prices to landline and cell phones are below.

Divert incoming calls to virtual number is available in the mobile and fixed phones , Skype and SIP- Account.

Call forwarding to Skype and SIP- Account for free!

Forward calls to phones charged extra . Below, you can calculate the cost by forwarding direction vhodschego call. Price is per minute call. Billing is per second.

These fares are valid for outbound calls made from sip- account of our company. To calculate the call must be selected in the direction of the outgoing call list . Price is per minute call. Billing is per second.

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